Highway Superintendent: Christopher J. Woznica cwoznica@cicerony.gov
(Cell Phone for emergencies: 315-396-9911)

6658 Route 31, Cicero, NY  13039 (0.9 miles east of South Bay/Rt. 31 intersection)


Christopher J. Woznica

Foreman: Joe Mayers-jmayers@cicerony.gov

Foreman: Dave Christian dchristian@cicerony.gov

Office: Terri Walsh  cichighway@cicerony.gov

Phone: 315-752-1180 ext: 403

Town Board Liaison: Councilor White

Summer Hours (Mid-May to late September):
6 am – 4 pm, Monday-Thursday

Winter Hours:
7 am – 3 pm, Monday-Friday

Emergency Phone Numbers:
Onondaga County Drainage and Sanitation for homeowner sewer problems, 24/7 –

Onondaga County Water Authority (OCWA) after hours – 315-475-7061

Onondaga County Department of Transportation – 315-435-5452

New York State Department of Transportation – 315-426-2131

Plow Damage:
As a courtesy, the Cicero Highway Department will repair or replace mailboxes and/or posts deemed damaged by the Town’s plows. This does not include snow spray damage from the weight of snow or specialty mailboxes; replacement mailboxes will be standard metal mailboxes and replacement posts will be pressure-treated wood posts. The Town is not legally responsible for damage from snow plowing. The USPS recommends a semi-arch or extended arm-type support mailbox installation where snow removal may cause mailbox damage.

Road Problems & Laws

roadandtrafficissues150Reporting Road Problems

Please report road problems as soon as possible by contacting the supervising agency:

State-supported roads (e.g., Rt. 11, Rt. 31, Rt. 298):
Call the New York State DOT at 315-426-2131

County-supported roads (e.g., South Bay Road):
Call the Onondaga County DOT 315-435-5452

All other roads or when unsure:
Call  the Cicero Highway Department at 315-699-2745

Local Road Laws

Portable Basketball Hoops
It is illegal to have portable basketball hoops on the highway right-of-way. They are not to be placed at roadside at any time. Residents will be responsible for any damages and may be ticketed.

Snow in Roads
Depositing snow in or plowing snow across a public roadway is in violation of NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law Sec. 1219.  You may be ticketed and fined for future violations.  If snow is left in the roadway and is the cause of an accident, you will be held liable for personal injury and/or property damage.  It is the homeowner’s responsibility to inform plowing contractors of this law and consequences.

Snow Plows
Please use caution when driving your vehicle towards approaching snowplows in the process of snow removal or ice control. Slow down and give the snowplow crew as much room as possible. Please be aware that on some roads, plows do backup to plow the other side of the road. Stay back approximately 100 feet if possible.

Snow Tunnels
Nothing is more tragic than a child being hit by a snowplow! Snow tunnels in road side snow banks will be destroyed by the highway workers! They are extremely dangerous, as plow drivers cannot see children playing inside them. If you have one, please knock them down, and forbid your children from building near roadways. Warn them of the dangers!

Winter Parking
There is No Parking from 1 am to 8 am on the Town of Cicero Highways from November 15 to April 15 Any vehicle parked or abandoned on any highway within the Town during these dates and times, or during a snowstorm which affects that portion of the public highway upon which said vehicle is parked or abandoned, or hindering snow removal at any time, said vehicle will be removed by the Town Superintendent of Highways or a member of the Town of Cicero Police Department ((Traffic & Vehicle Law 60.41).