Thank you for being interested in becoming a part of the team here in the Town of Cicero!

As a government employer in New York State, we must follow civil service rules when hiring for civil service positions, such as considering persons who have taken exams for the position. There are some non-civil service positions for which there are no exam requirements. Instructions on how to apply for our openings will appear in our job postings.

ALL résumés submitted must include a completed Employment Application Form. If you do not submit a completed employment application, you will not be considered an applicant. The form is available by clicking here. Unless otherwise instructed in the job posting, applications are to be submitted to [email protected]

Job Postings:

Human Resources Assistant

Non-exempt, hourly, part-time, 20 hours a week, Monday through Friday

The primary purposes of this position are to provide clerical support to the Comptroller and Human Resources Manager with regard to the new hire process, employee recordkeeping, and other assigned employee/employment related activities.

1. Assists with the recruiting and interviewing process up to and including:

a. Requesting lists for civil service positions and distributing those lists to the hiring supervisor and copying the HR Manager.

b. At the direction of the HR Manager, or Comptroller, placing employment ads.

c. Maintaining applicant flow logs.

d. At the direction of the HR Manager, sending applicant letters/emails.

e. Scheduling interviews at the direction of the HR Manager.

f. When a new employee is hired, providing supervisors/departments heads with an orientation checklist.

g. Assembling new hire packets and giving to the Deputy Comptroller so he/she can conduct the benefits orientation and ensuring new hire paperwork is completed (eventually the HR Assistant will do this).

2. Maintains accurate employee records including personnel files, I-9 files, benefits files, and all other records necessary for legal compliance, and ensuring security and confidentiality of all records, including that they are only accessed by those with a need to know.

a. Responsible for completion of the New Hire Administrative Checklist, including working with supervisors and department heads to make sure their Orientation Checklists are completed.

b. Keeps appropriate personnel informed of new hires and ensures they are added to the Master List.

3. Completes all required civil service forms to include:

a. Creating position title, board resolution and submitting to county Civil Service for approval.

b. Upon authorization from the Comptroller, requesting Civil Service list for full-time positions.

c. Emailing list to hiring manager with copy to Comptroller and HR Manager

d. Upon authorization from the Comptroller, completing Civil Service canvas process

e. Upon authorization from the Comptroller, completing the Civil Service requirements for Board approval (i.e. put on agenda).

f. Upon authorization from the Comptroller, completing Civil Service P-100’s to reflect any employee changes (i.e. pay rate, position, hire, termination or retirement).

g. Completing annually the certification of the second payroll of the year.

4. Maintains FMLA, disability, and workers’ compensation records sufficient to show last day worked, time off, pay/benefits/paid time off, and return to work dates. Works with Comptroller to obtain necessary information. Ensures FMLA forms, and necessary correspondence, are issued. Works with Comptroller or HR Manager to obtain information to do so.

5. At the direction of the HR Manager, ensures the Employee Handbook and other appropriate policies are distributed to employees as necessary, and that signature sheets are returned.

6. Obtains and maintains a general knowledge of all union contracts pertaining to employee wages and benefits. Maintains a file and history of all union contract activity.

7. Assists the Comptroller with a variety of duties associated with employee benefits.

a. Works with various group insurance carriers and/or brokers to ensure employees are promptly enrolled in and continually informed and updated as to their benefits package. Maintains appropriate records.

b. Assists employees with inquiries to provider and brokers regarding health insurance and related coverage. This does not include individual claims inquiry.

c. Ensures payroll is informed to take appropriate deductions from employee paychecks and that signed authorizations are on file.

8. Acquires and maintains the skills necessary to be proficient enough to be the back-up for the payroll process as needed or requested, including ensuring payroll skills are kept current so as to step in at a moment’s notice.

9. Acquires and maintains time clock records, as well as daily updates or corrections to employee time clock punches.

10. Maintains up-to-date and accurate employee vacation and other paid time off records. Calculates and tracks all time allowed for each employee and maintains an accurate count of time used and due.

11. Maintains a central database of job descriptions. Periodically audits employee lists against job descriptions on file. Notifies the HR Manager of any discrepancies. Obtains civil service job descriptions when requested.

12. Promptly and accurately completes legitimate requests for employee information (i.e. mortgage/loan questionnaires and verification of employment).

13. At the director of the Comptroller or HR Manager, coordinates training class schedules. Maintains attendance records.

14. Maintains a high level of employee customer service by responding promptly and accurately to all inquiries. Refers appropriate matters to appropriate management as needed.

15. Being management’s (Comptroller, Town Supervisor, HR Manager) eyes and ears, bringing to their attention any issues that could be a potential liability for the Town and/or that need further attention in the employee relations arena.

16. Completes a variety of administrative tasks as requested or as needed, including but not limited to preparing correspondence.

17. Using the Termination Checklist, ensures the exit process for terminated employees is completed. Responds to unemployment claim inquiries by verifying salary data. Consults with the HR Manager on completion of reasons for leaving.

18. Completes all other duties as assigned by the Comptroller or Human Resources Manager, or as needed to perform job.


High school degree required. Associates degree in a business-related discipline desired.

 A minimum of two years working in an office environment, performing a variety of customer service, clerical, and recordkeeping duties is required.

 Previous experience performing the above-mentioned HR duties, and/or experience with Onondaga County civil service regulations would be a definite plus.

Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities needed to effectively perform in the position are:

Ability to effectively multi-task and possess excellent planning & organizing skills.

Basic current knowledge of state and federal employment regulations.

Solid knowledge and understanding of Onondaga County civil service regulations must be achieved within 6 months of hire.

Excellent communications and interpersonal skills.

Ability to exhibit good judgment.

Motivated, energetic, and self-directed.

Attention to detail and ability to quickly complete clerical tasks.

Must be computer literate, including Microsoft Office. 

Must be able to view and sit at a computer monitor for long periods of time. Speech and hearing sufficient for constant telephone and in-person communication. Manual dexterity sufficient for constant use of a computer keyboard and office equipment. Vision sufficient for constant use of a computer monitor, developing and reading paperwork.

To apply, complete an application form (available by clicking here ), and submit to  [email protected]

Part-time Police Officer

Must be a DCJS Certified Police Officer at time of hiring
Have been employed as a police officer (fulltime or part time) for a minimum of 5 years
Must be able to work a minimum 800 hours per year
If needed must be able to work the following shifts;

  • 0600 – 1400 hours
  • 1400 – 2200 hours
  • 2200 – 0600 hours

Must be able to work weekends if assigned
Must be able to work holidays if assigned
All applicants may be required to submit to the following

  • Polygraph Exam
  • Psychological Exam
  • Medical Exam

The Cicero Police Department is an Equal Opportunity Employer
If interested send your resume to:
Chief Joseph Snell
Town of Cicero Police Department
8236 Brewerton Rd.
Cicero, New York 13039