Assessor: Karen Tavernese •

Assessment Clerk: Gina Gabrielli

Real Property Appraisal Aide: Mary Beth Togni

Phone: 315-699-1410

Fax: 315-699-2758

Town Board Liaison: Councilor Cushman

The Town of Cicero’s Office of Real Property Tax Services, known as the Assessor’s Office, is responsible for placing value on all parcels within the town, including vacant, residential, agricultural, commercial and industrial parcels. The Office also processes all exemptions, reviews and analyzes sales data, manages the equalization rate, and helps in defending the Town in all assessment-related court cases.

The Assessor’s Office is dedicated to customer service and assessment fairness.

Assessment Schedule

Taxable Status Date - March 1

Taxable Status Date • March 1
Taxable Status Date is the date on which ALL properties are assessed. The physical characteristics of each property are valued as of that date.

Homeowners renewing their Senior Citizen Exemption must submit their application to the Assessor’s Office by March 1st of the year.

Income verification in the form of a Federal Income Tax or all 1099 year end statements for the year can be turned in separately.

Tentative Roll Date - May 1

Tentative Roll Date • May 1
Tentative Roll Date is the date in which the assessor has completed the tax roll for that given year. The 2017 Tentative Assessment Roll is now completed. Each year on the tentative role date, it is made available for inspection at the Town of Cicero Assessor’s Office, 8236 Brewerton Road, Cicero, Monday thru Friday during business hours (and also on this web page). The Assessor will be in attendance with the Tentative Roll on several scheduled dates, to be published here for the 2018 assessment process.

Annual Procedure: Review your assessment to ascertain if it is a FAIR MARKET VALUE of your property. If you do not agree with the value placed on your property by the assessor, you may make an appointment to have an informal review of your assessment with the assessor prior to Grievance Day. If you are dissatisfied with the results of your informal review, you may file a formal complaint on or before Grievance Day. These forms are available in the Assessor’s Office and online at the Office of Real Property Tax Services website.

Grievance Day - Fourth Tuesday in May - May 23, 2017

Grievance Day • Fourth Tuesday in May

For information in preparing for Grievance Day, see the Board of Assessment Review page, and also review Tentative Role information (above).

Grievance Forms: Please see “Assessor Forms” at

Assessment complaints must be filed on or before Grievance Day at 3:00 pm and will be heard BY APPOINTMENT ONLY at the Cicero Town Meeting room, 8236 Brewerton Road, Cicero, NY, on Grievance Day, 3-8 pm or until adjourned. Additional dates and appointments will be assigned as necessary.

Level of Assessment: 100%
Current Equalization Rate: 100%
Current Residential Assessment Ratio: 100%

All documentation becomes the property of the Board of Assessment Review and will not be returned to the applicant.

Final Roll Date - July 1

Final Roll Date • July 1
Final Roll Date is the date on which the town’s final assessment roll is filed. The Assessor is available by appointment throughout the year to discuss any of assessment-related concerns. We appreciate that the issue of property tax and its congruence with assessments can be a complicated issue.

Assessment Information

2017 Final Assessment Roll

Name and Address Change

For name and/or address change forms, please see “Assessor Forms” at

Additional Information

Exemptions: As a property owner in NYS, you may be eligible for various exemptions that can reduce the amount of taxes owed. Information on exemption programs for veterans, seniors and other categories are available through our office.

For tax information, please visit the Tax Receiver page.

To find your business’s or industry’s NAICS classification code for assessment purposes, click here.