The Town is seeking to replace our current logo with one that reflects where we are today, one that focuses on the future, our growth, energy, and forward views. The Town of Cicero has received many positive acknowledgments and our logo should reflect that synergy. Our current logo reflects our history, of which we are proud, but no living person can identify with the world it represents.

To achieve a logo that reflects our Town today, we are conducting this contest to receive proposed town logos for the Town of Cicero. This is your invitation to develop a suggested logo and submit in the contest.

Contest Rules and Process:

How to Enter the Contest

In order for your entry to be reviewed by the Town of Cicero Logo Committee, all entries must be:

1. Submitted directly to David Kirk, Information Systems Coordinator: [email protected] prior to the deadline.
2. Contest dates – February 14, 2019, through midnight April 13, 2019
3. In the subject line please write: Town Logo Contest
4. Individuals may submit up to two (2) entries.
5. Submitted in high resolution with 300 dpi or higher, .jpeg, .jpg,  .png, or .tiff.
6. Each submission must include: submitter’s name, email address, day time phone number, and mailing address.

Winners will be announced via our website, social media websites and by direct contact to the winner’s email account.

 Logo Requirements

Professional: The logo may be featured on our website, our social media platforms and other mediums (stationery, pamphlets, t-shirts etc.). As a result, while we want the logo to be eye catching, it must still be legible. The submitted image should be in high resolution with 300 dpi or higher, .jpeg, .jpg, .png, or .tiff.

1. If wider than tall: No more than 33% wider than tall (approximately).
2. If taller than wide: No more than 20% taller than wide (approximately).


  • Logo must promote the mission of the Town of Cicero.
    The Town of Cicero, its elected representatives, and staff are committed to providing its citizens quality public services, facilities and infrastructure which efficiently and effectively promote, preserve, and protect our residents, our environment, our sense of community and Public Safety while maintaining sound financial practices.
  • Design: Should reflect a forward-thinking, positive, image that compliments the town mission. Creativity and innovation are encouraged. Examples of random designs from other towns can be viewed below.
  • Color: There are no limitations and any color may be used. However, logo must also work in black and white.
  • Integrity: Logos cannot contain copyrighted material. Logos must have been created and edited by the contestant(s). Logos may not include images or licensed images that have been previously published.

Contest Details

Contestants need not be residents of the town of Cicero to participate. The Winner will be selected by the Town of Cicero Logo Committee made up of seven (7) individuals from the Town government, business community, school district, a youth, and a senior citizen who will present three selections to the Town Board for final approval by May 8th.

Contestants agree that the Town of Cicero may publish their logo and name(s) and may use both for advertising campaigns and/or marketing materials in the future. Contestants assign all ownership rights, including property rights to the logo, to the Town of Cicero, NY. Additionally, the Town of Cicero, NY may alter, modify or revise the logo as it sees necessary to achieve the goals of the Town. The Town of Cicero reserves the right to not select a winner if, in its sole discretion, no suitable entries are received.


Contest winner will receive a basket of items from local merchants (and bragging rights!).


Town logos come in a wide variety, so we assembled some for the purpose of familiarizing you in case you’re not familiar with town logos.

Traditional logos are round, such as the following randomly displayed examples. You may wish to make your submission in that format.

We want you to feel free to develop a submission with no restrictions (other than dimensions, stated above), so we also include these examples that show other design formats to stimulate your ideas. However, these samples were randomly selected only for variety and should not be viewed as examples of how the winning submission should look. Surprise us.