This page provides information on the files that may be available for town meetings.

The Audio File

The audio file may be somewhat large and should be playable on the majority of personal computers. These files are not permanent and may be removed from the website eventually, but will be available for at least four months. The technical format is WMA, a format designed primarily for Windows computers. Persons using other computers may need to install appropriate media-playing software. The audio file (noted by [audiofile], is usually available the day following the Town Board meeting.

The Meeting Minutes/Agenda/Attachment Files

These files are in PDF format, designed to use the freely available Adobe Reader software, usually already installed on Windows computers, but may be downloaded at  NOTE: This download location includes several optional products. Review and uncheck per your preferences.

The information on this page is for information only. The Town does not recommend or support or provide advice or suggestions on any technical topic.