Approval to proceed with building the new highway garage was received via a public referendum on June 7, 2017.

Presented Information

A review by the Star-Review newspaper may be viewed by clicking here.

Engineering Report on Current Highway Garage:

Update as of March 02, 2017: Final Report on study of current garage is now available for viewing. This report includes photos and detail information on the condition of our current garage. The report is 135 pages and 5.3 meg in size, so please allow for download time to view. That report is available by clicking here

Update as of Feb 28, 2017: An engineering study of the current garage was done to assess the severity of its condition. That report is available by clicking here.

The following images are from a presentation prepared by the engineering firm working with the Town, MRP Group, Engineering, Architecture, Surveying, P.C. Click any image to enlarge for easier viewing.


Current Site:

Proposed Site:

Costs and Timeline: