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Sidewalk Reminder

With the winter season upon us, it is extremely important that sidewalks in front of residences and businesses be kept clear especially on our busiest roadways. We have seen pedestrians walking in road ways, causing potentially dangerous driving situations.

 With this, the Town needs your help.

According to the Code of The Town of Cicero, Chapter 181-14, “The owner or occupant of lands fronting or abutting on any street in the Town of Cicero shall maintain and repair the sidewalks adjoining said lands and keep the sidewalk free from obstruction, including snow and ice. Such owner or occupant shall be liable for any injury or damage by reason of omission, failure or negligence to maintain or repair such sidewalks or to keep them free of obstructions, including snow and ice.” From Chapter 181-16: “Any violation of any provision of this article shall be deemed an offense and upon conviction thereof shall be punishable by a fine not exceeding $50 or 15 days in the Onondaga County Penitentiary for each offense. Each day a violation continues uncorrected shall be considered a separate offense.” Please help us keep our residents safe.

Please know that for those that do not keep their sidewalks clean, tickets will be issued.

 On behalf of the dedicated public servants of your Town of Cicero, I would like to thank you for your cooperation and wish you and your families a safe and happy Holiday Season.

Mark Venesky
Town of Cicero


New Audio Playback for Town Board Meetings

We are pleased to announce that full audio playback is now a feature on the Town website on the same page as the one providing agenda and minutes. This audio file will normally be available the day following the Town Board meeting. This is another step forward in providing information to residents, recognizing that many residents are unable to attend the meetings, yet still want to hear the actual discussions. The audio file for the November 14th Town Board meeting was placed online yesterday.

Mark Venesky, Town Supervisor

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Upcoming Meetings
  • 6:30 pm, December 19, 2018 – Planning Board Meeting
  • 9:30 am, January 3, 2019 – 2019 Organizational Meeting