Public Hearings for September 12th

On Wednesday, September 12, at 6:30 pm, the Town Board will hold Public Hearings for the following:

1. to consider a Zone Change from AG (Agricultural) to R-12 (Residential) for the property located at 8533 Button Road (Tax Map #089.-01-59.1).

2. to consider a Local Law establishing the installation of stop signs in place of the existing “Yield” signs at the following intersections in the Town of Cicero:

Beaver Lane at Oneida Trail
Gull Lane at Oneida Trail
Gull Lane at Kneeskern Road
Palmer Road at Tuttle Road
Creekview Drive at Oneida Trail-legit merge

Lake area
Murray Drive E. at  Murray Drive W.
Yacht Club Rd. at Seneca Ave.
Yacht Club Rd. at Yacht Club Rd.

North Syracuse
Dunroven Drive at Greenbriar Road
Dunroven Drive at Palmcrest Road
Greenbriar Road at Hillmar Drive
Cora Ave. at Kennedy Lane
Ridgecrest Drive at Sunrise Drive
Crestview Drive at Clover Drive
Running Ridge at Northern Blvd. spur-legit merge

Cicero area
Rossland Circle at Belnor Drive
Center Street at Belnor Drive
Sunset Drive at  Williamson Parkway
New Street at Factory Street
Stevens Drive (inbound) at intersection with Stevens Dr.
Stevens Drive (outbound) at intersection with Stevens Dr.S.
Central Ave. at Lincoln Ave.
Nancy Ave. at Florence Street
Farrington Rd. at Pickett Lane
Saffron Court at Appleton Road
Appleton Road at Pinegrove Road
Lathrop Drive at Warren Road
Lathrop Drive at Tuller Road S.
Dale Rd. at Vernon Road S.

Blaze Path at Madison Ave
Shepard Drive at Albert Drive
Longpoint Road at Beach Road/Muskrat Bay Rd.
Larchmont Drive at Larchmont Drive
By the order of the Cicero Town Board