Trash Pickup Days

These are our trash pickup days. If you have a question, please call Syracuse Haulers at 426-6771. If your street is not shown, please notify the Town here. The holidays that will cause a one-day delay are listed on Rubbish Removal page.

Note: Some streets are listed twice for your convenience, such as Pine Grove Road E and E Pine Grove Road.



Pickup Day

Addison Loomis Thursday
Alabama Path Tuesday
Alastair Drive Thursday
Albert Drive Monday
Alethean Club Court Wednesday
Alizarin Ave Thursday
Amanda Lane Tuesday
Anglers Club Thursday
Appleton Road Thursday
Arentine Way Tuesday
Areopagitica Ave Friday
Arthurstown Way Monday
Asa Eastwood Thursday
Ashery Lane Thursday
Astor Drive Friday
Augusta Drive Wednesday
Backstretch Path Tuesday
Baldwin Street Monday
Baldwins Island Way Monday
Ballyshannon Road Monday
Bannister Drive Wednesday
Bantry Lane Monday
Bartel Circle Monday
Bartel Road Monday
Bauer Road Monday
Bayridge Road Tuesday
Bayview Drive Friday
Beach Road Monday
Bear Road Monday
Bear Springs Road Monday
Beaver Lane Friday
Beechwood Ave Friday
Bel Air Drive Wednesday
Bellewood Circle Wednesday
Bellewood Drive Wednesday
Belnor Drive Tuesday
Bengasi Course Tuesday
Bennett Street Monday
Bethlehem Lane Tuesday
Birch Tree Road Monday
Birchwood Road Wednesday
Blaze Path Monday
Bluff Circle Monday
Boardwalk Drive Friday
Bourdage Road Wednesday
Boyko Farm Thursday
Bradford Thursday
Brandybuck Road Monday
Braniff Circle Wednesday
Bratt Lane Monday
Brewerton Road Monday
Brigadier Drive Wednesday
Brodhead Drive Friday
Brook Hollow Road Friday
Brookwood Drive Monday
Brownstone Path Thursday
Bull Street Friday
Button Road Tuesday
Bygone Drive Monday
Caboose Circle Tuesday
Cameron Drive Friday
Carriage Shop Road Thursday
Carrick Circle Monday
Catspaw Terrace Tuesday
Cattlemans Crossing Road Friday
Caughdenoy Road Monday
Cecilia Road Wednesday
Center Street Tuesday
Central Ave Monday
Chestnut Street Monday
Chetwind Drive Wednesday
Chinkapin Circle Tuesday
Church Parkway Wednesday
Church Street Wednesday
Cicero Center Road Friday
Cicero Mills Road Thursday
Cicero Stage Thursday
Circle Drive W Monday
Circuit Rider Path Thursday
Clarecastle Path Monday
Clarence Drive Wednesday
Clarton Street Wednesday
Clover Road Wednesday
Cobblestone Drive Wednesday
Codys Corners Thursday
Colonial Drive Wednesday
Comstock Road Monday
Conductor Ave Tuesday
Cora Ave Wednesday
Cordero Drive Tuesday
Cowcatcher Path Tuesday
Crabtree Lane Monday
Craftsman Circle Monday
Creekview Drive Friday
Crestview Drive Wednesday
Crockett Drive Thursday
Crowell Drive Tuesday
Crutchfield Court Wednesday
Crystal Lake Circle Monday
Cynthia Drive Wednesday
Dale Road Wednesday
Damon Road Tuesday
Darby Road Thursday
Davey Road E Monday
Dawns Ridge Tuesday
Deena Course Tuesday
Deersprings Road Wednesday
Deluxe Park Friday
Diane Terrace Monday
Diffin Road Thursday
Disraeli Path Tuesday
Doe Haven Circle Wednesday
Donald Ave Wednesday
Donnybrook Drive Wednesday
Doreen Ave Thursday
Dory Course Tuesday
Duckwood Drive Thursday
Dunstan Circle Thursday
E Davey Road Monday
E Patricia Lane Wednesday
E Pine Grove Road (5923 – 5981) Thursday
E Pine Grove Road (6000 – 6124) Wednesday
E Rinaldo Blvd Friday
E Taft Road Wednesday
E Washington Street Monday
Eastman Road Wednesday
Eastwood Road Friday
Eileen Ave Monday
Eisenhower Blvd Friday
Electric Railway Thursday
Elizabeth Drive Wednesday
Ellis Lane Friday
Elwill Road Wednesday
Emmons Mercantile Monday
English Road Tuesday
Erskine Drive Friday
Eva Circle Thursday
Factory Monday
Fairview Ave Monday
Falconwood Drive Thursday
Fantail Lane Thursday
Farm Gate Path Tuesday
Farmview Lane Tuesday
Farrington Road Thursday
Fergerson Road Friday
Ferstler Road Monday
Fieldway Lane Tuesday
Filisto Lane Tuesday
Finish Line Trail Tuesday
Flagship Drive Friday
Flat Car Circle Tuesday
Florence Street Monday
Forest Drive Wednesday
Francica Terrace Tuesday
Gable Drive Friday
Galileo Circle Friday
Gaspe Lane Thursday
Gillette Road Thursday
Gillette Road W Monday
Glendora Road Monday
Glengarriff Drive Monday
Glenview Drive Wednesday
Glimmerglass Path Monday
Gloger Drive Tuesday
Goodeve Lane Monday
Grandview Drive Tuesday
Greenbriar Road Wednesday
Griffin Drive Wednesday
Gulf Stream Path Tuesday
Gull Lane Friday
Guy Young Road Monday
Haifa Lane Tuesday
Hamilton Road Wednesday
Hardwood Lane Tuesday
Harold Place Thursday
Harrington Drive Wednesday
Haven Circle Tuesday
Hawkeye Drive Monday
Haymarket Road Tuesday
Hebrides Trail Tuesday
Heddy Lane Thursday
Hedgewater Drive Wednesday
Heidi Lane Monday
Henryk Woods Road Thursday
Heritage Court Tuesday
Hessler Farm Path Wednesday
Hiller Drive Wednesday
Hilmar Drive Wednesday
Honeycomb Path Tuesday
Hoyt Farm Thursday
Huyck Drive Friday
Hyacinth Lane Wednesday
Isaac Cody Road Thursday
Island Road Friday
Jacob Lane Monday
Jane Lane Tuesday
Jemola Runne Thursday
Jerome Street Monday
Jersey Path Friday
Jerusalem Drive Tuesday
Jillian Lane Monday
John Gray Drive Wednesday
John Huss Ave Friday
Joss Farm Way Wednesday
Julia Trail Tuesday
Kathan Road Monday
Kaywood Road Wednesday
Kenlaren Circle Wednesday
Kennedy Lane Wednesday
Kenneth Drive Wednesday
Ketch Drive Tuesday
Kings Hotel Pl Wednesday
Klondike Circle Monday
Kneeskern Road Friday
Kopp Ave Monday
Kreischer Road Wednesday
Lackawanna Lane Tuesday
Ladd Road Monday
Lakemist Drive Friday
Lakeshore Road (5915 – 6720) Tuesday
Lakeshore Road (6835 – 8549) Friday
Lana Lane Thursday
Langen Lane Wednesday
Laramie Lane Tuesday
Larchmont Drive Tuesday
Lathrop Drive Thursday
Laurelwood Lane Thursday
Lavender Lane Thursday
Lawton Road Monday
Lebeau Lane Monday
Ledgestone Lane Monday
Leroy Road Wednesday
Leslieanne Path Thursday
Library Street Monday
Lilac Drive Friday
Lincoln Ave Monday
Linda Ave Monday
Lisa Lane Wednesday
Lisi Gardens Drive Wednesday
Lismare Lane Monday
Locomotive Lane Tuesday
Lombardi Drive Friday
Long Point Road Monday
Longford Path Monday
Louis Ave Monday
Louwayne Pl Thursday
Lovere Trail Tuesday
Lydia Lane Tuesday
Lynnx Lane Friday
Lyons Landing Road Friday
Macarthur Blvd Friday
Madison Ave Monday
Manning Drive Wednesday
Maple Drive Tuesday
Maplehurst Road Friday
Mapleview Road Friday
Marcus Tullius Circle Friday
Marigold Lane Wednesday
Marina Drive Friday
Marra Lane Thursday
Marshia Ave Wednesday
Mary Drive Monday
Marywood Drive Wednesday
Matilda Gage Thursday
McCamidge Drive Thursday
McDonnells Parkway Friday
McKinley Road Tuesday
Meadow Drive Wednesday
Michael Ave Wednesday
Michaeljon Way Thursday
Michigan Ave Friday
Miller Circle Monday
Miller Road Monday
Minoa Bridgeport Road Friday
Miralago Lane Monday
Misty Ridge Lane Thursday
Molesky Lane Friday
Money Road Monday
Monitor Way Tuesday
Monopoli Path Tuesday
Mount Shannon Drive Monday
Moyer Carriage Thursday
Mud Mill Road Monday
Mudge Drive Friday
Murray Drive Friday
Muskrat Bay Road Monday
Myers Lane Friday
N Main Street Monday
N Rinaldo Blvd Friday
N Tartan Drive Tuesday
N Wickham Drive Monday
N Woodlawn Drive Monday
Nancy Ave Monday
Nates Lane Thursday
Nazareth Drive Tuesday
Neva Lane Monday
New Country Drive Thursday
New Street Monday
Noel Road Monday
Northern Blvd Wednesday
Oak Drive Monday
Old Towne Path Tuesday
Oldfield Way Thursday
Omara Drive Monday
Oneida Drive Monday
Oneida Trail Friday
Ontario Ave Thursday
Orangeport Road Monday
Osborne Drive Tuesday
Owasco Ave Thursday
Owlwood Drive Thursday
Oxbow Road Monday
Palisades Drive Tuesday
Palm Summit Circle Wednesday
Palmcrest Road Wednesday
Palmer Drive Friday
Park Row Monday
Parker House Path Thursday
Patchmark Lane Wednesday
Patricia Lane Wednesday
Patricia Lane E Wednesday
Pegler Blvd Friday
Peregrin Lane Monday
Persian Terrace Tuesday
Pickett Lane Thursday
Pine Grove Road E (5923 – 5981) Thursday
Pine Grove Road E (6000 – 6124) Wednesday
Pine Grove Road W Thursday
Pine Lake Path Monday
Pinion Drive Tuesday
Pizzuto Drive Thursday
Pontiac Lane Monday
Pony Lane Thursday
Preakness Path Tuesday
Raisin Bee Runne Thursday
Rally Days Trail Wednesday
Raulli Drive Thursday
Red Sea Drive Tuesday
Redstone Lane Monday
Reis Drive Monday
Rexford Road Wednesday
Ridgecrest Drive Wednesday
Ridgewood Drive Wednesday
Riley Road Tuesday
Rinaldo Blvd E Friday
Rinaldo Blvd N Friday
Rinaldo Blvd W Friday
Rita Lane Wednesday
Riverside House Path Monday
Rollercoaster Drive Tuesday
Rose Arbor Lane Wednesday
Rose Court Drive Wednesday
Rose Street Wednesday
Rosewood Circle Wednesday
Rossi Court Thursday
Rossland Circle Tuesday
Route 298 (7296 -7827) Friday
Route 31 (5111 – 5760) Monday
Route 31 (5831 – 6373) Thursday
Route 31 (6417 – 7967) Friday
Running Brook Lane Wednesday
S Bay Road Thursday
S Tartan Drive Tuesday
S Vernon Road Wednesday
Saffron Court Thursday
Saida Circle Monday
Saint Francis Drive Friday
Sandcastle Court Friday
Sandra Ave Thursday
Savanarola Drive Friday
Seneca Ave Friday
Shellman Drive Tuesday
Shepard Drive Monday
Shiva Drive Monday
Shore Drive Monday
Sienna Drive Thursday
Signet Lane Wednesday
Simpson Road Monday
Sitka Drive Tuesday
Sloop Drive Thursday
Smith Road Wednesday
Sneller Road Monday
Snowshoe Trail Tuesday
Sophia Drive Monday
Sotherden Road Monday
St Elmos Drive Monday
Stark Drive Friday
Steamship Manhattan Monday
Stephen Pl Wednesday
Stevens Drive Monday
Stone Arabia Road Thursday
Sunrise Drive Wednesday
Sunset Terrace Monday
Superior Ave Friday
Sutton Drive Thursday
Switch Lane Tuesday
Taft Road E Wednesday
Tagus Lane Monday
Tanker Trail Tuesday
Tartan Drive N Tuesday
Tartan Drive S Tuesday
Telford Road Monday
Tender Trail Tuesday
Theisen Road Monday
Thompson Road (7346 – 8108) Wednesday
Thompson Road (8258 – 8369) Thursday
Thurston Drive Thursday
Toll Gate Road Thursday
Torchwood Lane Tuesday
Totman Drive Friday
Totman Road Wednesday
Track Side Trail Tuesday
Treeview Circle Tuesday
Trelign Drive Wednesday
Trolleys End Thursday
Tuller Road Thursday
Tuttle Road Friday
Valentine Drive Wednesday
Van Antwerp Drive Friday
Verda Ave Wednesday
Vernon Road Wednesday
Vernon RoadS Wednesday
Vistula Path Monday
W Circle Drive Monday
W Gillette Rd Monday
W Murray Dr Friday
W Pine Grove Rd Thursday
W Rinaldo Blvd Friday
Walnut Hill Road Monday
Walnut Street Monday
Warren Drive Thursday
Washington Street E Monday
Waterview Circle Tuesday
Wayfarer Drive Tuesday
Weaver Road Tuesday
Wedgefield Lane Friday
Welland Lane Tuesday
Wheatley Road Wednesday
Whiting Road (8455 – 8571) Friday
Whiting Road (8594 – 8780) Thursday
Wickham Drive Monday
Wickham Drive N Monday
Wild Way Monday
Williamson Parkway Monday
Willow Street Monday
Winter Stage Lane Thursday
Wooderton Path Tuesday
Woodland Drive Wednesday
Woodlawn Drive Monday
Woodlawn Drive N Monday
Wrights Hotel Course Wednesday
Wynmoor Drive Tuesday
Yacht Club Road Friday
Yukon Drive Thursday
Yulewood Circle Tuesday