Nicole Walsh

Tax Receiver: Nicole M. Walsh •

Deputy Tax Receiver: David Redmore *

Phone: 315-699-2756      Fax: 315-699-9562

The Town of Cicero Receiver of Taxes is an elected position with a four-year term.

The Receiver of Taxes is responsible for processing all of the property taxes collected by the government of the Town of Cicero; the Village of North Syracuse (within the Town of Cicero); school taxes for the North Syracuse Central Schools; and school taxes (on properties within the Town of Cicero) for the Chittenango Central Schools, Central Square Central Schools and East Syracuse-Minoa Central Schools.

Tax Collections – in the Tax Office:

Town/County collected from January 1-31; and from February 1 – March 31 with a penalty imposed.

Village of North Syracuse (within the Town of Cicero) are collected from June 1-July 3; and from July 4 – October 31 with a penalty imposed.

School Districts – North Syracuse, and (on properties within the Town of Cicero) for Central Square, East Syracuse-Minoa and Chittenango are collected in September 1-30; and from October 1-31 with a penalty imposed.

Taxes that are paid after the final date of collection, must be paid directly to the Onondaga County Fiscal Officer – clink on one of the link “Tax Collections” under the topic Tax and Assessment Information.

Please see the latest Tax Schedule for critical dates in the tax roll preparation process and the most current dates for taxes collected by this office, as they change from year to year.

Penalties (% of the tax bill) are imposed on tax bills, when the payment is not made within dates specified. Individual tax statements list the percentage and amount of the penalty being imposed – based upon the month that the tax bill is fully paid. See your individual tax statement for the specifics.

Extended Hours:
On the last two days of each tax cycle the Tax Office will remain open until 6:00 pm to assist everyone in paying their taxes without a penalty.

Notary Public:
The Receiver of Taxes is available to provide this service free of charge to residents of the Town of Cicero.

Tax Information:
Click the link to see Tax Information: including dates, payment options, change of name or address, etc.

As a property owner, you may be eligible for various exemptions that will reduce the amount of taxes that are levied against your property. Information on exemption programs is available through the Assessor’s Office.