Tax Receiver: Nicole M. Walsh •

Phone: 315-699-2756

Fax: 315-699-9562

The Town of Cicero Receiver of Taxes is an elected position with a 4-year term and is responsible for processing all of the property taxes collected by the town government of Cicero.

Tax Collections:
Town/county collections are conducted in January; Village of North Syracuse (within Town of Cicero) are collected from June to October; and the four school districts, North Syracuse, Central Square, East-Syracuse-Minoa and Chittenango (within the Town), are collected in September and October. Please see the latest Tax Schedule for critical dates in the tax roll preparation process and the most current due dates for taxes collected by this office, as they may not be the same as last year’s due dates. Notary Public services are available at this office.

Extended Hours:
The tax office will be open at 8:00 am, close at 4:00 pm, and remain open during lunch hour. The last two days of Town & County cycle and the School cycle we will remain open until 6:00 pm to help everyone get their payment to us without any penalty.

Tax Information:
Click here to see Tax Information, including dates, payment options, change of name or address, and more.