Town of Cicero

Vietnam War- 50th Anniversary Recognition

November 9th Town Board Recognition

This past June, the Town of Cicero joined more than 8,000 states, communities, businesses and organizations for the Commemorative Partner Program for the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War. The Commemorative Partner Program assists in thanking our Vietnam Veterans and their families in their hometowns. About 35% of veterans today are known for the service they offered to their country during the Vietnam War. At the November 9th Town Board Meeting, Supervisor Venesky invited everyone to join in thanking and honoring our veterans of the Vietnam War and their families for all of their sacrifices and for their service more than 50 years ago.

Bill Meyer, Veteran Advocate for the Town of Cicero said, “The Town of Cicero …will have grass roots community based celebrations to recognize and say ‘thank you’ to those 7 million Vietnam Era Veterans that are with us in the United States today”. Recognition events will follow in 2017 in conjunction with our VFW and the American Legion.
Said Supervisor Mark Venesky, “A grateful nation thanks and honors you, and we as the Town of Cicero want to thank and honor you as well, for your service”. “Our men and women who served in Vietnam served with honor, integrity and courage. They did a great service for their nation, and we are sincerely grateful to them”.

Supervisor Venesky acknowledged the following veterans below and presented them a 50th Anniversary Commemorative Pin and a commemorative proclamation signed by the President of the United States.

Back Row (pictured left to right) Supervisor Venesky, Councilor Conway, Councilor Becallo, Councilor Karp and Vietnam Veteran Councilor Richard Cushman. Front row Vietnam Veterans (Kevin Crook, Ronald Villnave, Richard Hooper and David Cowbum).



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