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Showcasing Cicero

Our town of Cicero was honored last week by being the focus of the Our Town program on NBC Channel 3. We had fun during the show and they did a superb job of showcasing the town we all call home. If you didn’t see the show, you can see it now by clicking here . I’m sure you will enjoy it. This is also an ideal way to share with your friends and relatives who live elsewhere who might be interested in coming to Cicero. As I’ve frequently said, “If you are looking to buy a home, raise a family, or build a business, I say ‘Choose Cicero.'”

Mark Venesky
Cicero Town Supervisor

Town Receives AA Bond Rating

2016 Straight A Report Card Brings Double A Good News to the Town of Cicero

Standard & Poor announced today that the Bond Rating of AA was given to the Town of Cicero after reviewing the Town’s 2016 financials. In February 2004 the Town’s bond rating from Moody’s Investment Service fell to Caa1 after the town defaulted on the Cicero Local Development Corporation bond payment. Throughout the past 12 years the town has strived to increase their fiscal stability with the bond investment market. This bond rating will give Mark Venesky and the Town Board members the tool to restore their capabilities of obtaining better proposals within the bond market. “We have worked very hard for this rating and this report is a huge accomplishment. This gives us a secure outlook on future planning and opportunities. More good news for the residents here in the Town of Cicero.” says Mark Venesky, Town Supervisor.

A Bond Rating of AA is considered high grade for investment purposes.


Public Hearing – Changes to Chapter 210 of the Town Code


PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Town of Cicero Town Board will hold a Public Hearing for Wednesday, August 23, 2017 commencing at 6:30 p.m. at the Cicero Town Hall 8236 Brewerton Rd., Cicero, NY 13039 to consider changes to Chapter 210 of the Town Code.  The purpose of the proposed changes is to add regulations regarding the storage of junked, abandoned, and/or inoperative vehicles on residential parcels.

By the order of the Cicero Town Board

Job Posting: Board of Assessment Review

Have you ever been interested in being a contributor to the Town’s assessment process? Well, here’s your chance. Visit our website’s employment page at to review this important position. Not for you? Maybe a neighbor? Please share with those whom you think might be interested. We do appreciate it. Thank you.

Special Town Board Meeting, July 12th

The undersigned, Supervisor of the Town of Cicero, does hereby call a special meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Cicero, to be held at the Cicero Town Hall, 8236 Brewerton Road, Cicero, NY, commencing on Wednesday, July 12, 2017 at 6:30 p.m., to consider the below-listed Public Hearings (three) that were from the Town Board Meeting on June 28, 2017. The meeting may include any other business that comes before the board.

On behalf of the Town of Cicero Supervisor

Mark Venesky

1. Public Hearing to consider changes to Chapter 210 Town Code
Consider changes to Chapter 210 of the Town Code. The purpose of these changes will be to increase the allowed size of private garages in Agricultural and Residential districts from 700 square feet to 1300 square feet for Agricultural parcels of one (1) acre or less and from 700 square feet to 2400 feet for Agricultural parcels of one (1) acre or more.

2. Public Hearing to consider Petition Plans and Contract Drawings Sun Auto
Consider acceptance of the Petition Plans and Contract Drawings for Cicero Sewer District, Contract No. 42 associated with the Sun Auto Dealership project.

3. Public Hearing to consider acceptance of Contract Drawings with the Wallington Meadows Section No. 8 project
Consider acceptance of the Contract Drawings for the Lakeshore Sewer District, Contract No. 37D and Oneida River, Oneida Lake & Chittenango Creek Drainage Improvements associated with the Wallington Meadows Section No. 8 project.

Collecting Storm Sewer Data for Town

FYI – The CNY Regional Planning and Development Board is developing an area storm sewer map and the Town will have representatives capturing data from storm sewer catch basins in the areas listed below during the week of June 12th (and possibly the week of June 26th). The Town will be using interns with ID in doing this work. Last year we received a number of phone calls from concerned residents on seeing people in their neighborhoods collecting sewer data and this notice is to assure you that they are working on behalf of the Town.

Area #1 Hiller Heights; area boarded by Deersprings Road on the N (including Signet Ln. N. to Bannister Dr); Thompson Road on the East; Kenneth Drive on the S; Brigadier Dr. on the W.

Area #2 –Mariner’s Landing: area boarded by Lakeshore Drive to the N; Bayview Dr. to the E; Boardwalk Dr. to the S; Cattleman’s Crossing to the W.

Area #3 –between Jerusalem Dr. to the N; Bethlehem Lane to the E; Lakeshore Dr. to the S. and Persian Terr to the W.

Area 4: Finish Hiller Heights  – Boarded by Pine Grove Rd to the N. (including Hiller Dr & Vernon Rd. N.); Hyacinth Lane & Thompson Rd on the E; Bannister DR and Lisi Garden Dr. on the S; Brannitt Cr. & Running Brook Ln on the W.

This is important work and should be completed in that one week.

The Referendum Passed

Dear Neighbors,

On behalf of the dedicated Team in the Town of Cicero, we thank you for exercising your right to vote and for supporting the men and women who keep your roads open and safe on a daily basis. Your vote approving the new highway facility has ensured that we will continue to have the tools necessary to maintain the level of service that we in the Town of Cicero have come to expect.

Thank you with all sincerity,

Mark Venesky

Highway Garage – Final Reminder

This article, written by Ashley Casey of the Star-Review, is an excellent summary of the decision we face on Wednesday when voting at the referendum. Please read and share with your neighbors. View the article by clicking here. Thank you.

Mark Venesky
Supervisor, Town of Cicero


Highway Garage Issue Overview

Although we’ve shared extensive information about the upcoming referendum, I still hear questions. I respect those concerns, as this is a big decision we face. I am sharing here an article published recently in the Star-Review that I hope may provide additional information. My hope is for a large, favorable turnout at the referendum to keep our Cicero moving forward. The article can be viewed by clicking here. Thank you.

Mark Venesky
Supervisor, Town of Cicero


Cicero Among 100 Safest Communities

I am pleased to share that a recent study shows our Town of Cicero is among the 100 safest communities in New York, scoring 87% below the national average. To quote from the article:

“A number of important factors play a role in deciding which neighborhood is the best to settle down in.

“Does this town have a good education system? Is the overall cost of living within my means? Am I going to enjoy the weather here? Are there enough things to do and places to eat to keep me entertained? Is this a place where I could see myself living?

“All things considered, perhaps the most important parameter when deciding where you want to live is the safety of the town.”

As residents, we know this and enjoy living in Cicero, but we’re proud to see Cicero in this study. You may view the full report at

On this, or any other topic, you’re always welcome to contact my office at 315-699-1414.

Mark Venesky
Supervisor, Town of Cicero

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