Brush/Tree Service Permit

If you are having a tree service cut trees on your property it is the tree service’s responsibility to acquire a permit to do so, from the Town of Cicero Town Clerk’s office (or download here). The tree service must provide the necessary insurance proof and pay a licensing fee of $50.00. Pursuant the Cicero town code, local law 15 of 2005, article x, entitled: tree, shrub and brush removal.
After cutting the trees it is the tree service’s responsibility to remove any limbs or brush from said property.

Building Permits

Click here to download the Building Permit-Application-Form.

Click here to view building permit instructions. The Town also maintains a list of approved electrical inspectors, available here.

Building Permits are required for any new construction, to include:

  • Any addition to the house (e.g. deck, porch, garage, etc.)Any structural, plumbing, or electrical alterations
  • Any swimming pools (above ground or in-ground), these also require an electrical Permit (applications for Electrical may be obtained in the Department of Zoning and Planning), there are also certain guidelines for fences for pools
  • Any storage shed (no matter the size)
  • Any demolition of buildings/pools, etc.
  • Any fireplace, pellet stove, wood stove, etc.
  • Any signs (signage)
  • Any fence

Applying: When applying for a Building Permit, an application must be obtained from the Department of Zoning and Planning. Fees are based on the value of the work and therefore vary. Please submit an accurate copy of your survey indicating where the work will occur. Comprehensive construction plans must be submitted with the application. Surveys are most likely kept with your mortgage papers.

Certificate of Occupancy (CO): As of June 1, 2014, temporary certificates of occupancy (TCO) will no longer be issued, unless under extreme circumstances, those as deemed necessary by the authority of the director of code enforcement.

Corner lots: Corner lots are more restricted because of the building line setbacks. We suggest that you bring a copy of your survey to our office with any questions on proposed construction.

Drainage Easements: No person shall fill, obstruct, block or materially alter water drainage in a right-of-way or easement or permit such water drainage easement to remain filled, obstructed or blocked. It shall be the responsibility of the property owner to mow, cut or otherwise maintain the grass or other plants and foliage growing in, over and around the easement.

Flooding: If you live in the 100-Year Flood Zone, a Flood Plain Development Permit must be applied for along with your Building Permit for ANY work. In some cases, a Flood Plain Permit must be obtained for work that does not require a Building Permit (such as siding, windows, painting, grading, etc.). Click Here to download the Flood Plain Development Permit.

Grading, Excavation and Fill: Before any excavation or filling of more than 10 cubic yards is commenced for any purpose (other than those excepted in section120-3B of the chapter) and sand, gravel, rock, topsoil, turf or earth is removed from the ground or placed on it, the owner or agent of the owner or lessee of the premises shall obtain a permit from the Planning Board. Please contact the Department of Zoning and Planning with any questions or for additional information.

Conservation, Hunting & Fishing Licenses

These licenses are available at the Town Clerk’s office.

  • NY Resident / Non-Resident (NR)
    • 1 Day Fishing $5.00
    • NR 1 Day Fishing $10.00
    • 7 Day Fishing $13.00
    • NR 7 Day Fishing $31.00
    • Fish (military disabled) $5.00
    • Fishing Season  $25.00 (1 year license)
    • NR Fishing $50.00 (1 year license)
    • Fish senior 70+ $5.00
    • NR 1 Day Marine $5.00
    • NR 7 Day Marine $10.00
    • Marine Fish $10.00
    • NR Marine $15.00
    • 7 Day Marine Fish $8.00
    • NR Small Game $85.00
    • 1 Day Marine Fish $4.00
    • NR Big Game $140.00
    • Small Game $26.00
    • NR Super Sportsman $280.00
    • Small & Big Game $29.00
    • NR Muzzleloading $140.00
    • Sportsman (military disabled) $5.00
    • NR Jr. Muzzleloading 14-15 $140.00
    • Sportsman 70+ $10.00
    • NR Bow $140.00
    • Sportsman $47.00
    • NR Bear $50.00
    • Super Sportsman $88.00
    • NR Turkey $50.00
    • Conservation Legacy $96.00
    • NR Trapping $310.00
    • Bowhunting $21.00
    • NR Jr Hunt $5.00
    • Bowhunting (military disabled) $0.00
    • NR Jr Bow $9.00
    • Bowhunting 70+ $0.00
    • Muzzleloading $21.00
    • Muzzleloading (military disabled) $0.00
    • Muzzleloading 70+ $0.00

    Lifetime Licenses

    • Sportsman child 0-4 $380.00
    • Trapper Super Sportsman $88.00
    • Sportsman child 5-11 $535.00
    • Trapping $21.00
    • Sportsman child 12-13 $765.00
    • Trapping 70+ $5.00
    • Sportsman child 14-15 $765.00
    • Trapping (military disabled) $0.00
    • Sportsman $765.00
    • Jr Trapping $6.00
    • Senior Sportsman (70+) $65.00
    • Jr Hunt $5.00
    • Big & Small Game $535.00
    • Jr Bow $9.00
    • Big & Small Game 0-11 $535.00
    • DMP Instant 16+ $10.00
    • Big & Small Game 12-13 $535.00
    • DMP FCFS 16+ (w/big game) $10.00
    • Big & Small Game 14-15 $535.00
    • DMP FCFS 14+ LT Spt-jr H/B $0.00
    • Fishing 0-15 $460.00
    • DMP Instant14+ LT Spt-jr H/B $0.00
    • Fishing $460.00
    • Senior Fishing (70+) $65.00

    Other Items

    • Turkey $10.00
    • Marine Fish $150.00
    • Habitat Stamp $5.00
    • Marine Fish and Fish Combo $450.00
    • Conservation Patron $12.00
    • Bow $235.00
    • Magazine $10.00
    • Bow 14-15 $235.00
    • Sports Ed Certificate $1.00
    • Bow 0-13 $235.00
    • Trail Patch $5.00
    • Muzzleloading $235.00
    • NR Habitat Stamp $5.00
    • Muzzleloading 0-13 $235.00
    • NR Trail Patch $5.00
    • Muzzleloading 14-15 $235.00
    • NR Conservation Patron $12.00
    • Trapping $395.00
    • Trapping 0-15 $395.00
    • REPLACEMENT Licenses: $5.00
    • Inscription $0.00
    • REPLACEMENT Carcass Tags: $10.00
    • REPLACEMENT Lifetime Card: $5.00
    • REPLACEMENT Back Tag: $0.00

Sr Lifetime now = $50 and can be purchased at age 65-69. Includes Sm/Big game, turkey, fishing and a waived application fee for DMPs
Sr Lifetime after Oct 1: $65 and can be purchased at age 70. Include Sm/Big game, turkey and fishing. NO WAIVED DMP FEE.

Annual Licenses for those ages 65-69:

  • Fishing = $29
  • Sportsman = $47
  • DMP = $10
  • Turkey = $10

Dog Licenses

New York State law now states all dogs four (4) months and older need to be licensed and renewed yearly. This can be done at the Cicero Town Clerk’s Office during business hours, at located at
8236 Brewerton Road,  Cicero, N.Y.
Current rabies certificate is required for all licenses.
Senior discounts available at age 65 and older.

Directions to License Your Dog
1. Fill out the dog license application
2. Bring application and proof of rabies inoculation to the Cicero Town Clerk’s office, 8236 Brewerton Road, during business hours.
3. If your dog has been spayed, or neutered, please bring the certificate of proof.
4. The licensing cost for spayed or neutered dogs is $10.00.
5. For unspayed or unneutered dogs $18.00
6. Seniors 65 and older licensing cost for spayed or neutered dogs is $5.00.
7. Seniors 65 and older licensing cost for unspayed or unneutered dogs is $13.00.
Checks should be made payable to the Cicero Town Clerk

Dog License Renewal
Effective January 1, 2011, all dog licenses will be renewed through the Town of Cicero & not through NYS AG & Markets. The renewals will be mailed from the Town of Cicero with a new dog tag being issued once payment is received.

Handicap Parking Permits

Handicap Parking Permits are available from the Town Clerk’s Office. To obtain a permit, a form signed by your doctor must be presented along with your driver’s license.

The parking permit is good for a period of three years, although temporary permits are issued for six months. To renew the parking permit, Town of Cicero residents must apply at the Town Clerk’s office. If your parking permit is issued for a permanent disability, a new application is not required. Parking permits can be replaced if lost or stolen, but the Town has complete discretion to issue a replacement permit or deny the request.

Please remember that parking permits are valid anywhere in New York state and may be used to park in reserved spaces only when the person with the disability is driving or riding in the vehicle. Parking permits should be hung from the rear-view mirror when parked, but should be removed from the mirror when driving.

More Information:

Marriage Licenses

If you are getting married in New York State, you may purchase your marriage license at the Town Clerk’s Office. The requirements are as follows:

  1. Driver’s license and birth certificate
  2. All previous divorce papers with file date stamp
  3. Parental consent, if age 16 or 17
  4. Bride & groom must appear together
  5. 24 Hour waiting period – license is valid for 60 days
  6. Fee is $40.00

Sign Permits

Click here to download the Sign Permit Application.

Fill out and deliver or mail the paper form to:

Department of Zoning and Planning
Town of Cicero Town Hall
8236 Brewerton Road
Cicero, NY  13039

Site Planning and Zoning Forms

Although these forms are used by the Planning Board and/or Zoning Board of Appeals (see, the forms MUST originate in the Department of Zoning and Planning. If you need advice on any of these, please call our office at 315-699-2201, and we will be glad to assist.

Site Planning

The Site Plan Application is required before opening a business in Cicero. Other, related forms are the Subdivision Application Form and the Zone Change Application Form.

Zoning Variance

The Zone Variance Application Form is required when appealing to the Zoning Board of Appeals,

ALL forms must be sent to:

Department of Zoning and Planning
Town of Cicero Town Hall
8236 Brewerton Road
Cicero, NY  13039