The majority of positions in the town are of Civil Service classification and the Town is required to hire from Civil Service listing. However, on occasion, the Civil Service listing cannot provide employees and at that time, appointments are made provisionally until a test can be given.

Application Forms and Résumés

ALL résumés submitted must include a completed Employment Application Form. The form is available by clicking here. Unless otherwise instructed in the job posting, applications are to be submitted to

Job Postings:

Seasonal Tax Clerk

This is a seasonal, and sometimes on-call, position scheduled to start the end of August 2017. From the end of August, until approximately mid-October, and the end of December until approximately mid-February, hours will be MondayFriday, 8:00 am4:00 pm. There may be on-call time in-between to fill in for absences, and/or work on projects.

It is the duty of the Tax Clerk to act in the interest of the Town of Cicero Receiver of Taxes. When not acting in this capacity, the Clerk assists the Receiver in carrying out the office duties as stipulated in Town Law. Work assignments may be received verbally, in writing, and/or electronically, from the Receiver of Taxes and the Deputy Receiver of Taxes. Performance is checked by audit of tax records and books; and compliments and complaints received from the general public.

Primary Duties:

1) Respond promptly, with professionalism and warmth, to all inquiries from residents and others, ensuring issues are resolved, consulting with others when necessary. This includes, but is not limited to:

a. Incorrect tax payments
b. Late tax payments
c. Miscellaneous inquiries about taxes and properties located in the Town of Cicero.

2) Collect and record taxes levied for the town, county, village and school district. This Includes, but is not limited to:

a. issuance of a receipt
b. entry of transactions into accounts receivable
c. balancing cash at the close of the day’s business
d. making deposit of on-hand cash

3) Ensure the amount of taxes paid is accurately and promptly entered into the tax ledger.

4) Upon receipt of tax bills, pull tax bills and send to mortgage institutions to encumber escrow payments.

5) Ensure that tax bills and assessment on tax rolls are properly addressed to the owner of record.

6) For County, Town, Village, and special district taxes:

a. collect and record mailed taxes
b. balance daily receipt sheets and cash drawer
c. correct and verify deposit amounts, including making out deposit slips

7) Balance tax books, record unpaid tax bills for return to the County Commissioner of Finance, post the dates taxes were paid in books.

8) Perform other duties as needed to accomplish responsibilities, or as requested by the Receiver of Taxes.

Education, Experience, and Other Requirements

 Must have one of the following:

o Graduation from a two (2) year college or business institute with a degree in Business Administration or Accounting, plus two (2) years of work experience that required responsibility for, and maintenance of, a set of books; or

o Four (4) years of work experience that required responsibility for maintaining a set of books including a general ledger; or

o An equivalent combination of training, education, and/or experience equivalent to the above requirements.

Must be bondable.

Must be flexible to work the hours/days needed.

Notary public preferred.

Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities Needed

Above average communications and interpersonal skills.

Thorough knowledge of bookkeeping principles and practices. Ability to apply bookkeeping principles to the setting up and maintenance of accounting records.

Thorough knowledge of procedures used in setting up and balancing of ledgers and accounts.

General knowledge of office procedures and practices.

Ability to operate a variety of office equipment, including computers and associated software such as Microsoft Office programs.

Ability to follow oral and written instructions.

Required to sit for long periods of time, and be physically flexible to proceed to the counter when serving the public. Prolonged use of a monitor.

Application Process:
Please complete an employment application and submit it, along with your letter of interest, to You may submit a resume. However, to be considered a candidate, we must also have a completed employment application. The form is available by clicking here

Board of Assessment Review Member

The Board of Assessment Review hears complaints of property owners on grievance day (the fourth Tuesday in May) and may make adjustments to assessments. The Board of Assessment Review consists of at least three but not more than five members appointed by the Cicero Town Board. The majority of the members cannot be officers or current employees of the Town.

Although rare, hearings could take place at times other than the fourth Tuesday in May. Meetings are usually held in the evenings at the Cicero Town Hall.

Mandatory training is provided by the Town, and must be completed after being appointed to/hired for the Assessment Review Board. Terms of appointment are for 5 years.

We are looking for a new Board member. This is a paid position, responsibilities as described above.


Strong communications and excellent interpersonal skills

Ability to be a team player and make decisions independent of personal feelings

An understanding of financial and economic principles

An understanding of the assessment process, including market value and business or real estate valuation

Application Process:
Please complete an employment application and submit it, along with your letter of interest, to You may submit a resume. However, to be considered a candidate, we must also have a completed employment application. The form is available by clicking here

Part-time Police Officer

Must be a DCJS Certified Police Officer at time of hiring
Have been employed as a police officer (fulltime or part time) for a minimum of 5 years
Must be able to work a minimum 800 hours per year
If needed must be able to work the following shifts;

  • 0600 – 1400 hours
  • 1400 – 2200 hours
  • 2200 – 0600 hours

Must be able to work weekends if assigned
Must be able to work holidays if assigned
All applicants may be required to submit to the following

  • Polygraph Exam
  • Psychological Exam
  • Medical Exam

The Cicero Police Department is an Equal Opportunity Employer
If interested send your resume to:
Chief Joseph Snell
Town of Cicero Police Department
8236 Brewerton Rd.
Cicero, New York 13039