2016 Financial Report Review

The Town of Cicero is happy to report that the entire appropriation of $483,194 to balance the 2016 Budget was returned to the town’s fund balance along with an additional $650,000. This was accomplished as a result of close monitoring of spending and maximizing incoming revenues. The current administration sets high business standards and focuses on economic development. This has resulted in a financial report everyone should be proud of.

The Town of Cicero faces the same challenges as all municipalities, staying within the Governor’s tax cap while State and Federal funding decreases. Although we ended the year on a positive financial note, there is no question that we need to continue our financial monitoring and explore other avenues for revenues while seeking cost-effective solutions to continue the Town’s fiscal stability.

The Town of Cicero’s 2017 goals are to build a Highway Garage and relocate the town’s police department: these challenges are difficult ones. Mark Venesky, Town Supervisor, has successfully pursued state funding to defray the cost of the building renovations for the repurposed South Bay Fire Department building which will house the Cicero Police Department. Supervisor Venesky will continue to move forward with plans for the new highway facility which will be located on Route 31. This facility will provide adequate space to accommodate all the highway equipment, which will extend life-use and reduce capital spending. Most important, both the police facility and highway building will secure a safe working environment for our highway employees and police officers. Venesky’s business experience and enthusiasm, with strong support from his administration, have mapped out an economic and financial plan that will continue to put the Town of Cicero on the high honor roll.

The 2016 Annual Update Document was completed and filed with the State Comptroller’s Office on April 21st, as well with the Cicero Town Clerk. This report documents all financial accounting for the General Fund and Special Districts and can be viewed during business hours at the Town Clerk’s Office.

S. Stuart
Town Comptroller